Donald Mackinnon

Donald is a client at Craigard Day Centre. Here he talks about his activities at Craigard. He also talks about the pictures he’s exhibiting at the Taigh Chearsabhagh art centre. He goes on to say what else he does during the week, mentioning the names (NAAFI, Lovats) of another workplace, and his musical activities at the weekend.

Well, I’m Donald MacKinnon, and I live in Knockqueen.

I come to Craigard two days a week on Mon…, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We have tea, and then we have… make stools and whatever is… needs doing. Then (we) go to Taigh Chearsabhagh for lunch on Tuesday – soup and two sandwiches with either tuna or salmon with salad.

Then we come back here and we do more stools, or whatever is going on.

Pictures… (We) make pictures out of books, anything that we can think of… I picked these for being so near to the sea, and being fond of boats, and going out fishing long ago, and when the centre will be going on trips to Stornoway and to Skye we’ll be going on the ferry.

I work in the NAAFI, which is Lovats now – every Monday, Thursday and Friday. Then I’m at home at the weekend except going to the accordion and fiddle club every second Saturday during the winter. But that’ll be stopping soon for the summer till next October… Although I can’t read a note, except if I hear a tune on a tape or a CD or anywhere (I) just pick… play it like that.

Learn by ear, just like Iain MacLachlainn… just like Iain MacLachlainn, Jimmy Shand, or Bobby MacLeod or any of these old favourites.

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