Donald Ferguson

Donald Ferguson speaks as a student on the first year of the BA in Fine Art that is hosted by Taigh Chearsabhagh. He describes and comments on the facilities in the centre and the quality of services and teaching staff on the course.

Taigh Chearsabhagh is probably as good as any art centre you’d get in Scotland or even Britain. The facilities for artists and students is very good. You have, like, printing facilities, you have photographic facilities, video, and there’s studio space available. And with that you have a really good café, and you also have a very good museum – exhibition space, which is very popular.

They manage to, kind of, take exhibitions to Taigh Chearsabhagh from all over Scotland, that are produced by very well known artists, and they also have exhibitions by local artists. And the museum puts on very good exhibitions – local, and national too.

Taigh Chearsabhagh runs some art courses and it’s – the facilities are as good as anywhere in that they bring home very well known tutors from all over the country, and they also have their own tutors, which are excellent too. And the kind of courses that they do, they do provide, are quite often environmentally based, which means that the place is very appropriate for that.

It’s appropriate because a lot of the work is done in the environment itself – environmental – you know, landscapes and seascapes. The environment is used.

Taigh Chearsabhagh is very important to Lochmaddy, and also to the Uists on the whole because they offer a service there. They offer a service to artists, to people who are interested in history, genealogy, and they’ve just provided lots of jobs for the community. And it brings in a lot of tourists, and a lot of people and artists who want to exhibit there.

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